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Frontier PHC300 Post Hole Digger

Frontier post-hole diggers are constructed with heavy-walled piping and sturdy gearboxes to ensure reliability. Choose from 6-in., 9-in., 12-in., 18-in., 24-in., or 30-in. Post-Hole Augers.
Whether you have a landscape, farming or industrial project, Frontier has the post-hole digger for your project or business.

2-in. output shaft on the gearbox of model PHD300

A heavy-duty reinforced boom and yoke on models PHD300

Rugged, dependable gearbox

Safety shielding around the auger and power take-off (PTO)

Boom OD: 3-1/2 In.

Reinforced Yoke OD: 2-7/8 In.

Reinforced Auger Speed: 154 RPM

Gearbox Gear Ratio: 3.5:1

Gearbox HP Rating: 50 HP PTO

HP Range: 18-50 HP

3-Point Hitch Category: Category I or II

Works with Auger Model Numbers: PHA106, PHA109, PHA112, PHA118, PHA124, PHA132 

Augers are priced from $300 to $1500 depending on size.